How to Apply

  1. Buff nails lightly for traction.
  2. Apply Nail Prep (hydrolyzed wheat protein, proVitamin B5 and calcium) prior to application of the Base Coat. Nail Prep is also used to remove residual base coat left on the nail after nail polish remover has cleaned the nail. If there is a hint of color left over after nail polish has been removed, it is not stained, just apply nail prep to remove residual base coat.
  3. Base Coat must be CLEAR like water. If Base Coat is foggy, has sediments or jelly –like consistency, simply run it under warm water until it is clear. Do this at the start of the day.
  4. Apply a generous coat of Base Coat to the nails, encapsulating the nail tips for best results. We recommend using the 3 stroke technique down the middle and both sides of the nail (avoid over-brushing). Be sure to dip the brush in the bottle between each nail. Repeat this step a second time to all nails (total of 2 coats to each nail). Make sure Base Coat layer is dry prior to applying Nail Lacquer to avoid cross contamination.
  5. Apply 1 to 2 coats of Nail Lacquer to the nails depending on consistency and desired coverage using the technique described above and avoid over brushing. Lacquer will turn dull or matte until the Top Coat is applied. BE sure Lacquer is dry before applying Top Coat.
  6. Apply 1 generous coat of Top Coat to each nail, encapsulating the nail tip for best results. Use the 3 stroke technique here too and avoid over-brushing the nail. Wait for 5 minutes for completely dry rock hard results.
  7. For ridge filling purposes, apply one coat of Top Coat to the nail bed after the Base Coat has been applied, allow to dry and proceed with Nail Lacquer and Top Coat as usual. Please note using this technique may affect dry time slightly.
  8. For touch up purposes polish removal is not required – apply 1 coat of Base Coat (wait 1 minute) and then 1 coat of Top Coat. Remember to encapsulate the nail tips with each coat.
  9. French Manicure- One suggestion is to apply Base Coat (let dry 1 minute), apply first color, straighten your line, reapply Base Coat (let dry 1 minute), apply second color, then Top Coat. Another technique is to apply Base Coat, apply first color and free hand draw the tips with another color, then Top Coat. On either procedure, remember to encapsulate the nail tips with each coat.
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