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Hot Beauty Tips For The Hot Weather


Summer is all about having fun and enjoying colors! Whether it’s outfit, accessories or nails, we all want to take advantage of this lively season to look bright and bubbly. However, extreme sun exposure can be dangerous for your body, especially your skin and nails. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to give…

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5 Gift Ideas for Fit and Healthy Moms


Mother’s Day is only a few days away. Is your gift ready? Here are some gift ideas that your health-buff mom will love. 1. Dark chocolate. Guess what? No sane woman would turn down a delicious bar of chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. Aside from the delicious goodness of dark chocolate, it is also rich in…

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What Makes Your Nail Polish Vegan?

Vegan people usually stay away from animal products- food and non-food, and abhors cruelty to animals. There are different reasons why people choose this lifestyle but typically these reasons center on issues of animal rights, environmental conservation, health issues and spiritual affiliation. Veganism has become a popular lifestyle choice because of the benefits it brings.…

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Is Your Nail Polish Non-Toxic?


Nail polish has long since joined the list of most common beauty products, along with lipstick and creams. From nude to glaring red to glitters, there’s a nail polish bottle for every color of the spectrum. With the popularity of nail polish, we often forget to check the dangers associated with the chemicals in every…

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Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail Polish

Whether you’re doing your nails at home or you’re in the salon, the most common problem is how to get your manicure to dry faster. There are several tips online on how to make your nails dry quicker, like soaking them in ice water, using a hair dryer or topping it off with a quick…

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DD Wonder Women!!

wonder women

Happy Friday!! Sharing a little inspiration for our DD Ladies!! Remember that no matter what color, size or shape we are…we are all Wonder Women!! We do great things while having gorgeous & healthy nails!!

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