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Great Reasons to LOVE Dazzle Dry! Dazzle Dry Nail Polish
Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer

Fast-drying nail polish colors and a quick drying top coat of the utmost speed unite to form the Dazzle Dry™ Quick Dry Nail System – a full line of nail polish colors, a topcoat and a base coat for natural nails that deliver chic, beautiful nails in minutes.

The Dazzle Dry™ Quick Dry Nail System revolutionizes nail care by slicing the time it takes for a normal manicure to dry by more than half. This complete system includes a full line of nail polish colors to suit every mood and deliver beautiful nails easily to even those with the on-the-go lifestyle.

Dries rock hard in 5 minutes so you can dig into your purse without damaging the polish.
Stays longer than any other brand on natural nails.

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